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Melrose Cooperative Bank to Melrose Bank

...a more contemporary banking experience.
The Melrose Bank lobby is being redesigned into a more contemporary banking facility (to better meet your needs). So get ready to say goodbye to wood paneling and hello to a new modern space.

What to Expect with the Branch Renovation:

  • What enhancements will I see?

    The interior renovation will include an extensive facelift. The heavy wood wall coverings in the lobby will be eliminated and replaced with painted drywall, which will make the interior much brighter.

    The floor plan is being changed for increased security, privacy, and to streamline your teller transactions. The result will allow for a more personalized interaction between you and branch staff - and help us to continue to deliver on our promise every day: Community Banking. Done Well.

  • Will the lobby and drive-thru be open for business during the renovation?

    Yes, we anticipate that we will be open for our regular business hours during the renovation. There may be very short periods of time when our drive-thru needs to be closed or when the lobby is inaccessible, however. We ask that you bear with us and pardon our appearance as we renovate. We will continue to offer full-service banking during the renovation.

  • What is that in the parking lot?

    It’s our new carport and rooftop solar array which will produce clean, local energy provided by the sun.

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