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Free Checking

Looking for an everyday account to meet your basic banking needs? With no monthly service fee and a variety of free features, you can put your dollars toward what matters most.

Minimum deposit of $10 required to open a Free Checking Account. Melrose Bank accepts deposits and is opening new accounts from customers residing in New England (MA, CT, NH, ME, VT, RI).

Avoid the inconvenience of a denied transaction and skip the headache of an accidental slip-up. We offer two overdraft programs:

Overdraft Protection
Add an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit to your account, and funds will be automatically advanced when needed to cover your overdraft (up to your credit limit). Payments to your line can then be automatically made from your account monthly.

Stop by our office or call 781-665-2500 to apply. We’ll notify you when you’re approved.

Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service (OOPS!)
We cannot promise or guarantee overdrafts will never happen, but what we can do is consider OOPS! In the event of an accidental overdraft, we will consider - without obligation on our part - payment of your reasonable overdraft up to your assigned OOPS! limit.

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