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Protect Against Email and Telephone Fraud

Melrose Bank will NEVER call, email or reach out to you by any electronic method for account or personal information. If you ever receive a request like this, do not give out your information and please notify us right away by calling (866) 665-2500 during regular business hours.

Protect Yourself on Websites and with Email

  • Never open emails from unknown sources. They may contain viruses or other programs that will make your computer vulnerable to intrusion.
  • Never click on a link in an email claiming to come from a financial institution or business, and never provide personal or account data in response. The email may be a fake sent by "phishing" scammers.
  • Do not put any credit card numbers or any other personal information on any website that you are not familiar with and are not sure is authentic.
  • Be aware of techniques for redirecting website users to "cloned" replica sites without their knowledge, also known as "pharming." Watch for odd error messages, unexpected page layout or content or other strange site behavior.
  • Choose companies that provide secure transactions and have strong privacy and security policies.
  • If you transact online, watch your accounts closely for signs of fraud.

Report Suspicious Activity
To report a suspicious call or email, or to simply ask questions, please call us during regular business hours toll free at (866) 665-2500. After hours, 24/7, you can report a lost or stolen ATM/Debit Card by calling our Card Services Department at 1-800-264-5578. Also use this number if you have become a victim of a phishing or spoofing scam and have unwittingly provided your debit card number and PIN.